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What is SEO and why is important?

First let’s start with the meaning. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation.

The objective of SEO is to improve your websites position or what is often referred to as ‘ranking’. When someone does a search using Google, what you want is for for website to place as a high as possible on the page if the search relates to your product or service.

SEO on your website focuses on the things you can change:

  • Key words
  • Strategic header text
  • Site speed
  • Etc

SEO can also focus on other websites, i.e. links being on other websites.

The above sounds simple but it can take time to get the desired outcome of utilising SEO. It therefore is worthwhile to seek the assistance of someone who knows what they are doing and knows how SEO works.
With the multiple factors that contribute to SEO, it is a combination of all of these that count towards your overall position. This generally means that the websites which are the top search results are there because they deserve to be.

For start-ups and smaller sized ventures, SEO is a great low cost tool you can use to be more competition, creating more opportunity for traffic to their website which means more potential customers.

In general people tend to trust the results that are higher up on the page of search results. So SEO also effects how you connect with your target market and how they perceive your business before they even enter your website.

At Urban Savvy we have specialists who are very experienced with implementing SEO. For more information please visit urbansavvy.co.uk

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